Danielle is a Software Engineer at Accenture where she joined in September 2017 after graduating from the University of Warwick with a Data Science BSc (Hons). She has worked heavily with AWS such as CloudTrail, CloudWatch and S3 in a Cloud Architecture context; her strongest programming language is Python, and she has substantial experience using CI/CD tools such as Jenkins (Groovy Language) and Terraform.

Danielle is currently a front-end developer, which is her first commercial front-end role. She is using every aspect of this project to grow her skills in this area, as this is where she would like to take her career. In her spare time, Danielle is learning about Graphic Design and is aiming to complete her Professional Diploma in this subject in the next few months.

Danielle is passionate about training and competing in Taekwon-Do at a national level; with the aim of competing internationally in the future. At the moment she has graded to a Black-Tag (1st-kup) and would like to become a Black Belt within the next year.


[ 2015 - Present ]
  • Three websites built and hosted, with more projects ongoing.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Front-End languages HTML and CSS.
  • Considerable experience with JavaScript and PHP.
  • Experience with web-hosting and SEO.
[ Feb 2018 - Present ]
  • Extensive knowledge of Python.
  • Experience with Jenkins - deploying code & configuration of CI/CD pipeline (Groovy Language).
  • Familiar with the Terraform language.
  • Exposure to AWS technologies (e.g. CloudTrail, ElasticSearch, S3).
[ Jan 2018 - Feb 2018 ]
  • Learnt to manipulate Big Data for a national postal and courier service client using Apache Spark, Scala and HiveQL (SQL).
[ Oct 2017 - Dec 2017 ]
  • Experience using AWS Lambda functions in a Disaster Recovery context for an international telecommunications client.
[ Jun 2016 - Sep 2016 ]
  • Presented a 1-hour ‘Knowledge Share’ on Big Data to the entire EIT Architecture Team.
  • Worked on front-end of internal innovation platform, eRIS.


  • Completed an Individual Project in Predictive Analysis with Decision Trees (Python).
  • Achieved a 1st in Social Informatics module.
  • Wrote an Analysis Project on Artificial Intelligence using Robocode software as a basis.
  • Further modules: Machine Learning (Python), Neural Computing (Python), Computer Graphics (C++), Programming for Data Science (R Statistical Language) & Topics in Data Science.